Transmission Services near Ocala, FL


When you’re on the roads of Ocala, Starke, and Gainesville, you rely on a high-functioning transmission to get power where it’s needed most. The transmission is an essential part of your powertrain, and we at Ford of Ocala want to help you keep it in good repair.

For top-notch transmission services, just stop by our service center and see what our certified technicians can do. We’re excited to show you how we approach transmission repair here at our dealership!

Transmission Maintenance: The Full Works

Transmission Service near Ocala, FLWhen you’re dealing with transmission problems, there are a host of potential causes. From structural to electrical, there’s no telling what the root of the problem might be until you’ve had your car thoroughly inspected. It may even be leaking or insufficient transmission fluid causing the issue.

At our service center, we explore every possible cause while diagnosing your transmission troubles. We’ll confirm the cause first, so we can apply the most effective solution the first time around. Whether your car has an automatic or manual, dual-clutch, or CVT, we’re happy to service your transmission here!

Signs You Need Transmission Repair Services

Every system of your car sends out warning signs when something’s not quite right. Your transmission has its own set of signals to watch for that indicate you need transmission repair services. You’ll want to keep an eye out for:

  • Strange Smells. If you catch a burning smell as you get out of your car, it could be the transmission fluid and a sign you need your transmission inspected.
  • Burnt, Cloudy Fluid. Transmission fluid should look bright red and smell slightly sweet. Dark and burnt fluid is a sign of trouble.
  • Grinding, Clanking, or Gear Slipping. Your gears should shift smoothly, quietly, and quickly. If you notice odd noises, delays, or gear slippage, have your transmission checked out ASAP.

Where Can I Get Transmission Services near Me?

Notice any of the warning signs above? It’s time to have your transmission serviced. If you live near Ocala, Starke, or Gainesville, you can schedule transmission services here at Ford of Ocala. Our technicians will take excellent care of you and your car!