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As you’re shopping for your next new car, truck, or SUV, there’s a good chance you’ll be cross-shopping vehicles from several respected brands. How will you know which ride is ideal for your Ocala, Gainesville, or Starke drive?

One great place to start is with our head-to-head comparison videos. They’ll cover the essential specs and features you need to know, so you can see how Ford vehicles stack up against the competition. Just choose the video for the Ford model you’re considering—and contact us at Ford of Ocala to learn even more!

Head to Head with the Ford Escape

Head to Head with the Ford Edge

Head to Head with the Ford Fusion

Head to Head with the Ford Taurus

Head to Head with the Ford Expedition

Head to Head with the Ford Explorer

See Some Ford-Exclusive Features

Ford Interior Trim Levels No matter what segment you’re shopping, we have head-to-head videos that compare the most popular vehicles within it. You may see up to three, four, or even five vehicles compared, from some of the most renowned auto brands on the market.

They compare all sorts of features, including:

  • Capacities
  • Interior Space
  • Performance
  • Technology

So, whether you’re trying to decide between a Ford Escape and a Subaru Forester, or a Ford Expedition and Chevy Tahoe, you’ll find all the foundational information you need to decide, presented in a simple-to-understand format. You can have your research started in mere minutes!

Why Watch Our Videos?

Everyone performs their research differently. For some, reading is the most intuitive way to learn about cars, which is why we have an extensive library of Ford vehicle reviews and comparisons. However, others may find that visuals and videos are a more engaging way to learn the needed information.

These videos are designed to package the essential differences between segment-mates, so you have the most important facts and figures on hand as you consider your options. Want to delve into more detail? Check out our review and comparison articles or reach out to our team of automotive experts!

Study Our Head-to-Head Comparisons

See which vehicles come out on top when you watch our head-to-head comparison videos! If you want to learn more along the way, just contact the friendly team at Ford of Ocala. We’re always glad to help drivers near Ocala, Starke, and Gainesville learn more about their favorite cars, trucks, and SUVs!